It clicks for students

Today's students learn best through interactive instruction and highly engaging coursework they can access anytime, anywhere.

It clicks for teachers

Edgenuity empowers teachers to do what they do best: motivate students and ensure they truly understand course material.

It clicks for administrators

Edgenuity delivers programs that help administrators meet the challenges they face—and see success.

Edgenuity’s online and blended learning solutions combine media-rich content, direct-instruction videos, and meaningful course work to ensure that students are engaged and motivated. Our proven methodology and award-winning curriculum align with Common Core and State Standards, which position students and schools for success in the information age. 

Our powerful and simple-to-use learning management system monitors student engagement and progress, which enables teachers to focus on what they do best: encourage and nurture students. We provide an easy-to-implement platform that handles all the behind-the-scenes data and reporting, so administrators can securely track student achievement and focus their time on addressing individual student’s needs. This way, students see the benefits of their hard work immediately. Together, we change the way students learn.

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Case Studies

Edgenuity’s online and blended learning solutions are increasing graduation rates and decreasing drop-out rates at schools across the country. Our solutions are custom-built to meet the exact needs of schools and districts, leading to specific results.

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Research Briefs

At Edgenuity, we understand that English Language Learners (ELL) and English as a Second Language (ESL) learners need instructional methods that increase understanding and remove barriers.

This is why we have included evidence-based practices and instructional strategies in our curriculum that promote academic achievement for these special populations.