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At Edgenuity, we work with schools and districts to create online and blended learning programs that target students’ unique needs and learning styles. Our learning solutions include standards-aligned content with direct-instruction videos that feature expert, on-screen teachers. Meaningful course work ensures students are engaged and motivated. And with actionable data that is easy to access, educators monitor student progress in real time to help students in the moment.
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Why use blended learning?

Watch Opening Up a New World to see how Edgenuity’s online and blended learning solutions offer a personalized learning experience that gives students ownership of their education.


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Maximize learning and engage students.

Explore our Content Demo tool to get a sneak peak at Edgenuity’s direct-instruction videos that draw students into lessons and assignments and help students apply skills and deepen their knowledge.

Measure student progress in real time.

Detailed and dynamic reports provide educators with the tools to inform instruction one-on-one or in small groups. With a real-time understanding of student progress, teachers can work directly with students to reteach concepts and answer questions on assignments and assessments. Through a variety of reports, teachers can track students’ overall grades, percentage of work completed, assignments completed, and other essential information.




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With Edgenuity, students are learning at their own pace, taking ownership of their education, and discovering academic success. And educators are finding a better way to personalize instruction, gaining insight into what students are learning, and helping students accomplish more. Find out how you can use Edgenuity to help your students succeed.

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