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Edgenuity's Online and Blended Learning Workbook Explains How

As hosts of a series of Executive Leadership Summits on Blended Learning across the country, Edgenuity has convened educators to highlight how online and blended learning solutions are being implemented to meet a range of district needs.

Based on the in-depth discussions with those who attended the Summits, Edgenuity has compiled an Online and Blended Learning Workbook to serve as a comprehensive planning guide for schools and districts that are interested in implementing online and blended learning programs. Schools and districts now have a road map based on real-world experience that can guide them through the process of getting an online learning program started that can improve student outcomes. 

“Edgenuity's Summits helped school leaders push their thinking about how to transform their classrooms based on a more personalized and mastery-based model. Participants at the Summits shared ideas, asked questions, and walked away with a clearer vision of how they can help lead the education technology transformation.”

Heather Staker
Senior Research Fellow at the Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation (formerly Innosight Institute)

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