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Make Learning Click in Maryland

Edgenuity, a leader in online and blended learning services has helped millions of students nationwide achieve success.

See what Edgenuity can offer Maryland schools.

Discover how our Quality Matter approved curriculum and powerful online tools prepare Maryland students for college and career success.

We're proud to offer the following Quality Matters-approved courses:

  • Common Core Language Arts 9
  • Common Core Language Arts 10
  • Common Core Language Arts 11
  • Common Core Language Arts 12
  • Common Core Pre-Algebra
  • Common Core Algebra I
  • Common Core Geometry
  • Common Core Algebra II
  • Common Core Precalculus
  • (MD) Biology
  • (MD) Chemistry
  • (MD) Physics
  • (MD) Environmental Science
  • (MD) Earth and Space Science
  • (MD) World History
  • (MD) U.S. History
  • (MD) Government
  • Psychology

Prepare Maryland students for high-stakes exams.

Edgenuity’s Virtual Tutor courses prepare students for the HSA, SAT, ACT, and other national exams. Diagnostic assessments help to create individualized learning paths for each student.

View our scope and sequence documents.


Close gaps in math and reading with Edgenuity MyPath™.

Edgenuity MyPath is an online intervention program designed to meet Maryland middle and high school students at their learning level and provide targeted instruction in math and reading. Whether used as part of an RTI solution or as a supplemental resource, Edgenuity MyPath has been proven to help improve students’ reading and math outcomes.



“Edgenuity MyPath should be made available to every teacher, in every school and educational setting, where each and every student’s educational needs are imperative.” – ComputED Gazette


See the Edgenuity difference.

Expert on-screen teachers deliver award-winning curriculum using multimedia assignments grounded in relevant real-world applications to help students achieve real results.

Engaging Course Content


Instructional Model


Real Results

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